Flender crosses the mark of 200 GW of gear unit power delivered for wind turbines

Flender crosses the mark of 200 GW of  gear unit power delivered for wind turbines

As first drive manufacturer worldwide, Flender has passed the 200 GW milestone of gearbox capacity for delivered wind turbines with its Winergy product brand. According to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), in 2021 around 743 gigawatts of wind turbine capacity is in operation worldwide. Winergy holds a share of around 30% in gearboxes within these turbines. Consequently, over 150 million households can be supplied reliably with electricity from renewable sources.  

"We look with pride at reaching 200 GW. It reflects the great trust our customers have in our products. As a trusted partner at their side, we are working with our customers to create a sustainable future. Power generation from renewable energies plays an important role in this," says Andreas Evertz, CEO of the Flender Group. 

"Our global Wind team is doing an outstanding job. We are doing everything we can to drive innovation in the development of gearboxes, generators and couplings and shape the future of power generation together with our customers," said Aarnout Kant, President Wind Gears at Flender. 

Flender has helped shape the wind energy industry since its early days. With its Winergy brand, the company has set several trends that are now standard for wind turbines. In 2014, Flender already exceeded the milestone of 100 GW of delivered gearbox power. Through the development of powerful and compact drive systems, this mark has now been doubled, mere seven years later.