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Green electricity with own gearboxes

Green electricity with own gearboxes

Drive manufacturer Flender has partnered with renewable energy provider Eco2Grow to purchase green electricity directly from wind and solar power plants.

The selected wind farm runs with Flender gearboxes. The companies have signed several Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to acquire green electricity from renewable energy plants. The partnership is a crucial step in Flender's sustainability strategy and supports its goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2030.

“Our collaboration with Eco2Grow allows us to purchase green power directly from the producer. We are the market leader for wind turbine drives with our Winergy brand, and I am pleased that we have found a wind farm where our own gearboxes are installed. This completes the circle. We have already reduced CO2 consumption in our own plants by 79 percent with many measures in recent years. These PPAs bring us one step closer to achieving our goal of 100%," said Flender CEO Andreas Evertz.By purchasing renewable

energy, Flender can save over 7,500 tons of CO2. The direct purchase covers approximately 12% of Flender's electricity requirements for its German sites. The wind farm that provides electricity is located south of Fulda in southern Germany, while the solar farm is located near Ludwigslust in the north of Germany.

Paul Appel, CEO of Eco2Grow, emphasized the importance of collaboration: “PPAs with plants equipped with Flender gearboxes were a key focus for us. We are proud to be making a significant contribution to Flender's sustainability strategy and supporting the energy transition.”

The partnership provides the foundation for future collaboration beyond direct green electricity procurement. Together, the companies will strive to accelerate the energy transition and contribute to Germany's international competitiveness.