Green focus

Green focus

It starts with LED lights and doesn't stop with hybrid company cars: Rollon is strengthening its sustainable actions. In future, there will be a systematic focus on environmentally conscious action at all locations of the multinational company.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is understood as a corporate obligation for good reason: "Companies that pursue a CSR policy and, above all, include environmental sustainability in their corporate obligations achieve higher growth, work more efficiently and increase their competitiveness," Rüdiger Knevels, CEO of Rollon, explains the strategy. "It is also important for us to remain attractive to a high-quality workforce with all the associated skills."

Rollon therefore launched a series of investments and continues to expand the integration of environmentally conscious action in all facets. For example, the LED lights recently installed in the production facilities will reduce annual energy consumption by 66,000 Kwh/year, equivalent to the average annual consumption of about 25 families. Energy will be sourced exclusively from renewable sources, and the implementation of Power Quality will also optimise the supply voltage.

The company's vehicle fleet is being systematically converted to electric mobility: To start with, six hybrid cars were purchased, for which charging stations were also set up. The holistic CSR concept also includes a campaign to gradually reduce plastic consumption. The new environmentally-conscious mindset also includes a new code of conduct for suppliers - with the aim of achieving environmentally-conscious action throughout the supply chain. More projects will follow in the coming months.