IoTmaxx new partner of Deutsche Telekom

IoTmaxx new partner of Deutsche Telekom

Hanover-based IoTmaxx GmbH is consistently working towards its goal of making the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) available to SME customers in the highest quality and with an individually optimized range of functions. Through the strategic partnership with Deutsche Telekom, IoTmaxx customers now have access to services from one of the world's leading network providers.

As a committed driver of innovation, Deutsche Telekom works closely with selected startups like IoTmaxx as part of its partner network. IoTmaxx's versatile Linux-based GW4100 and GW4101 gateways already form the basis of many custom IIoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions. "Becoming an official partner of Telekom is the logical step to round out our offering and expand it across the board," says IoTmaxx founder and CEO Christian Lelonek, explaining the goal of the collaboration.

IIoT is finding its way into more and more industries. Be it for monitoring purposes in water and wastewater management, in industrial manufacturing, in energy management or for infrastructure and mobility applications. This is where the IoTmaxx offering comes in, with a special focus on stability, security and manufacturing in Germany. The IoTmaxx concepts are based on powerful, programmable gateways and routers. Together with the appropriate additional devices as well as programming and hosting offers, the customer receives a complete package from a single source.

Interfaces support every IIoT application

The reliable, programmable IIoT mobile gateways maxx GW4100 and maxx GW4101 collect and process information from industrial machines and systems and transmit the data via secure mobile radio connections. The devices make sensor data such as temperature, humidity, vibrations, switching states and much more available for processing for various applications. The Iotmaxx gateways enable the connection of a wide variety of systems. They are tailored to secure applications in medium-sized industrial environments and, with their interface and protocol diversity, offer all the necessary options for wired and wireless Industrie 4.0 applications.

Win-win for German SMEs

Thanks to the Telekom partnership, IoTmaxx customers now receive hardware, connectivity, services and billing reliably from a single source as a one-stop store, and the IoTmaxx solutions gain access to Telekom's M2M service and sensor platforms. Lelonek sees the cooperation agreement as a clear win-win situation: "As a connectivity partner of Deutsche Telekom, we are expanding our sales network and technical capabilities enormously, while Telekom is adding innovative and flexible offerings for SMEs and their sustainable economic development to its IIoT and M2M business."