KEB Drives are "on board" at the Olympic Games

KEB Drives are "on board" at the Olympic Games

KEB Drives are "on board" at the Olympic Games

When the Olympic Games take place in Paris this July, not only will numerous athletes be competing, but also the "Mistinguett" boat from Joce. The boat, which can carry up to 240 passengers, was recently converted into a fully electric version and will take part in the opening parade of the Olympic Games on the Seine. Also on board: drive technology from KEB.

More than 90 boats will sail along the Seine at this year's Olympic Games, providing a new setting for the entry of the athletes from the various national delegations. The Mistinguett is normally used as a restaurant boat on the river and will be part of the Olympic parade this summer. The special feature: until recently, the ship operated by Joce was powered by two combustion engines and a diesel generator, but the Mistinguett has now been converted into a one hundred percent electric boat. This is a contribution to greater sustainability, which the city of Paris is also focusing on. When designing the opening parade, care was taken to ensure that as many electric boats as possible were used.

The electrification was implemented by the company A.M.O Facili - in addition to partners for the supply of batteries and hardware integration, KEB was chosen to implement the on-board network. Jean-Paul Rebelo, Project Manager at KEB France: "We have implemented a system solution on the ship that supplies a three-phase 400 V network with an output of 100 kW. The batteries are used as the only energy source to operate all the appliances on board, such as the kitchen, air conditioning and heating." The KEB drive components are also used to power a 50 kW propeller, which acts as a bow thruster to align the front of the boat with the jetty when maneuvering.

Experience in ship electrification

When implementing the 3 x 400 V / 100 kW on-board power supply, KEB relied in particular on a combination of drive, sine filter and transformer. The sine filter is designed for output frequencies of up to 100 Hz and helps to reduce harmonics on the transformer side. The COMBIVERT F6 drive platform, which is based on high-speed solutions, in conjunction with KEB's filter solutions, enables operation at high switching frequencies, which are necessary to ensure a perfect on-board network. In the version installed on the ship as a liquid-cooled installation variant of the F6 Drive, there are several advantages such as stainless steel piping, an increased service life and coolant management. And even after commissioning, the employees of KEB France are at the customer's side with local service and a technical team that can provide support at short notice if required.

When electrifying the "Olympic boat", the KEB team was able to build on the experience gained from previous projects. In 2018, KEB France carried out the first ship electrification of this kind, and with the recently implemented project, there are now a dozen boats with KEB system solutions on board. "The collaboration with the partners involved in Joce's Mistinguett project went smoothly. We are now looking forward to the opening of the Olympic Games and to the fact that we at KEB were able to contribute to this exciting, sustainable project," says Rebelo.