Now a member of the ODCA

Now a member of the ODCA

Michael Koch GmbH, manufacturer of active DC energy management systems and safe braking resistors, is now part of the ZVEI's ODCA working group, which was founded in 2022 as a continuation of the DC-Industries 2 research project. With its product portfolio and many years of experience in electric drive technology, the company fits in very well with the Alliance's 58 partners from industry, education and research.

Koch systems already enable users to increase energy efficiency through recuperation of braking energy, compensate for fluctuations in the supply energy or bring the system to a safe and defined standstill in the event of a power failure. Dynamics and productivity are increased through targeted support of the drive power. By reducing or absorbing network load peaks, a resource-saving and optimally dimensioned connected load is made possible.

The aim of the ODCA is to disseminate findings and solutions from DC technology internationally. “The electrical and digital industries are in a key position for achieving climate policy goals and direct current can make an important contribution to making the world more CO2-neutral and resource-efficient,” says the ODCA. Koch can provide active support on the way to these goals with its product solutions and experience.