Rodriguez reinforces in-house production

Rodriguez reinforces in-house production

Rodriguez reinforces in-house production

Rodriguez's extensive machine park makes the flexible production of linear and rotary solutions possible. In order to further expand this service, the company has now invested in a new lathe and is already planning additional purchases. In addition, a new measuring machine and a microscope optimise the quality inspection processes.

The lathe is a Biglia B750 YS equipped with two spindles and a Fanuc 32i control. It is designed for maximum bar diameters of 63 mm. The new lathe replaces an older machine from the same manufacturer in order to increase economic efficiency thanks to faster machining times. Rodriguez also plans to purchase other machines and fixtures during the year, including a powerful DMG Mori NZX2000 CNC lathe. In future, a fully automatic cutting system (SilverCut RSP 400N) will take over the assembly of guide rails, spindles, tubes and other bar materials using the wet cutting process. Lightweight robots from the manufacturer Universal Robots will provide additional capacity through higher plant utilisation.

The Wenzel SF 55 3D measuring machine has a table size of 700x700mm. It provides for an increase in capacity in Rodriguez's measuring room and is used there to inspect series products from in-house production. The new Keyence VHX microscope, which enables detailed residual dirt analyses and roughness measurements, is also used in quality inspection. It allows seamless switching between magnifications from 20x to 2000x without changing objectives. Surface details can thus be displayed precisely and quickly. With the help of the optical shadow mode, the smallest surface details can be analysed in 4K. Last but not least, the microscope ensures a high depth of field and viewing capability from any angle.

Rodriguez is continuously adding to its own machinery for linear technology and precision bearings. Innovative fixtures and advanced tools ensure that the production facilities are always state-of-the-art. The modernly equipped measuring room makes it possible to test the required tolerances of precision bearings and linear technology in the µ-range on approx. 65 square metres. Apart from individual components, complex parts can also be inspected: Among other things, this is important for the customised system solutions in which Rodriguez specialises.

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