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Rollon builds new plant in Italy

Rollon builds new plant in Italy

With the new plant in Agrate in northern Italy, Rollon, a specialist for linear motion systems, is further expanding its production capacities and consistently continuing on its path of growth and success. The company is forecasting a 20 percent increase in turnover for 2022.

The new plant in Agrate, north-east of Milan, complements the two existing production sites Arcore and Vimercate with additional production capacities. Rollon will produce linear guides, telescopic slides and linear axes for the European market on an area of 5000 m2. The machinery is currently being built up. In addition to new acquisitions - including CNC machining centres - there will also be relocations from the other two plants. Among other things, the hardening process equipment from Vimercate and machining equipment from Arcore will be moved to Agrate. "The space available in Vimercate and Arcore will certainly not remain unused," emphasises Stefano Zecchinato, COO of the Rollon Group and director of the Italian subsidiary. "New machines are also being added at these production facilities. In Vimercate, especially CNC, straightening and grinding machines. In Arcore, on the other hand, we are commissioning new technologies for assembly with machines for machining aluminium profiles." In total, the investments amount to about two million euros.

Projected turnover increase of 20 per cent

The new plant in northern Italy is part of a comprehensive innovation and investment strategy that Rollon has been successfully pursuing for years. In order to be able to react optimally to the increased global demand for linear technology as well as the specific requirements of the markets, the specialist for linear motion systems continuously invests in new locations, machines and employees. In the past year and a half, for example, the Rollon Group has added a production site in the USA (acquisition of iMS), a good 130 employees and new products such as the Cobot Transfer Unit. "The market demands excellence and customer proximity. This is the direction of our decisions regarding acquisitions, digital transformation, the now strategic and indispensable issue of sustainability, and a modern human resources policy," Rüdiger Knevels, CEO of the Rollon Group and managing director of the German Rollon GmbH, makes clear, and adds: "Rollon is today a company that is spared the negative cycles that periodically afflict certain industrial sectors. Even during major financial crises (like 2009) and general economic crises (like the pandemic), we have suffered less than any other player. For example, in 2020, when the linear technology market plummeted by almost 30 per cent, Rollon only suffered a nine per cent decline." But in 2021, Rollon was already able to surpass its 2019 turnover, and for 2022, developments point to a 20 per cent increase in turnover.

On track for success thanks to innovation and investment

The secret of success? Courage and the foresight to push ahead with investments and innovations even in times of crisis. Production capacities and the number of employees have been or are being expanded, new markets opened up and customer proximity further intensified. Equally important is the focus on globally growing markets such as logistics, medical technology, aerospace and rail vehicles, the consistent orientation towards the needs of customers with application-specific solutions, and the powerful combination of the industrial capacity of a multinational company and direct, fast customer contact at the local level. "The aim of our growth strategy is to expand our offer and service to our customers," adds Roberto Toniolo, Marketing Director of the Rollon Group, emphasising: "The key factor is complementarity: by selecting companies that develop technologies that complement our own, we are now able to serve an ever-increasing number of markets while guaranteeing constant technological excellence."