Targeted design of all processes

Targeted design of all processes

Menzel Elektromotoren opened the construction work for its new plant in Hennigsdorf near Berlin on June 11, 2022 with the laying of the foundation stone.

More than 200 guests and employees attended the ceremony, including the mayor of Hennigsdorf, Thomas Günther. The new, modern headquarters of the traditional company is being built on a 24,000 m² site. The relocation of all administrative and production workplaces is scheduled to be completed by January 2024. The new engine plant, with 8,500 m² of floor space, will increase the manufacturer's production capacities, allow additional workplaces to be set up and bring significant efficiency gains thanks to an optimized space plan. The production area will be approximately 3,800 m², including assembly, metalworking, winding, painting area and three test bays. In addition, there will be spacious offices, logistics zones and engine storage areas. The spacious site offers sufficient potential for future expansion and is very easy to reach via S-Bahn, freeway or from the international airport BER.

The move heralds a new era for the engine builder, which was founded in 1927. Under Mathis Menzel, who is the third generation to lead the family business, Menzel has experienced strong growth in recent years. The new building allows a targeted layout for all production processes and thus a higher throughput. In addition, crane capacity will be significantly increased to accommodate the increasingly large motor systems for customers in all industries. Menzel manufactures three-phase induction motors with squirrel cage or slip ring rotors up to 20 MW, as well as DC motors up to 2 MW. The manufacturer offers several of its own modular motor series and also specializes in custom designs and custom rebuilding of existing motors.

Menzel keeps various motor designs up to 15 MW in stock at all times and adapts them at short notice for a wide range of applications and locations. Furthermore, the company offers comprehensive testing services for electric motors, generators, transformer-inverter-motor systems, gearboxes and frequency converters, no-load tests up to 10 MW, load tests up to 1.8 MW and heating tests using the bifrequency method up to 5 MW. With the move, the test bays will be enlarged and designed for future expansions in test performance.