United under one roof

United under one roof

United under one roof

Mitsubishi Electric celebrated the expansion of its European service center in Ratingen at an official ceremony. The reason for the expansion was the integration of the service for Mitsubishi Electric robots into the service organization of Mitsubishi Electric CNC.

Customer proximity and high service quality are two pillars of Mitsubishi Electric CNC's business strategy. That is why the company created a service organization for the CNC area at an early stage, which should be exceptional for the industry. Mitsubishi Electric also offers service and spare parts for controls, drives and peripherals that have been on the market for over 30 years.

3D printer for fast response times

For this reason, a modern 3D printer was installed in Ratingen, which can be used to produce housings and covers that are as good as new. Thus, the  life cycle  can be extended beyond that. When it comes to service, the company attaches particular importance to responsiveness in order to achieve high availability of the machines. For this purpose, the company in Ratingen has a large warehouse that coordinates the supply of spare parts throughout Europe.

Defective drives or control components are immediately exchanged for a functional spare part by qualified service technicians. The defective part itself is sent back to the service workshop for error analysis and repair. In terms of sustainability and resource conservation, Mitsubishi has been repairing defective returns since the 1990s, putting them through their paces and bringing them back into circulation with a two-year guarantee. With this strategy, Mitsubishi has created an effective tool against global delivery bottlenecks and ensures the production capability of its customers.

Bundling of competences

In the course of the digitization project started in 2017, the two divisions Mechatronics CNC and Factory Automation moved ever closer together in Europe. As a logical consequence of this, the service for Mitsubishi Electric robots has now been integrated into the service organization for the CNC controls. This bundling of competencies brings numerous advantages for customers. In the future, you will only have one contact person for all service questions relating to the machine control and the robot. You benefit from the cross-technology experience and expertise with which Mitsubishi Electric proves itself as a solution provider.

With the DRC (Direct Robot Control) software, Mitsubishi Electric robots can be controlled in conjunction with a Mitsubishi Electric CNC controller via G code so that the machine operator does not have to learn any new programming. Since Mitsubishi Electric has been integrating specific AI elements into its products for years, completely new perspectives will also open up for robots in the future. The optimization of processes and the development of preventive maintenance strategies are further aspects that help customers to increase their competitiveness.