Perfectly synchronized

Perfectly synchronized

Spacer couplings can also be used to synchronize widely spaced drive axes. KBK produces this type of coupling in different variants and thus offers the optimum solution for every application. The couplings are manufactured to millimeter accuracy according to customer requirements.

Distance couplings from KBK are absolutely backlash-free thanks to a lightweight yet rigid aluminum precision tube - this ensures top performance and creates ideal conditions for synchronizing linear units and hoist gear units. The spacer couplings are manufactured in lengths of up to 3,000 mm - but versions with lengths of up to 6 m are also available on request.

In addition to single-sided or completely rigid variants, KBK also has spacer couplings in metal bellows and elastomer designs in its range. The DRE series spacer couplings are fitted with elastomer spiders on both sides and therefore have vibration-damping properties. These couplings are suitable for torque ranges from 12.5 to 525 Nm and can be easily and quickly mounted radially.

The DRB series is ideal for synchronizing dynamic axes because these couplings have metal bellows on both sides and therefore have high torsional stiffness. Distance couplings of the DRB series are designed for torque ranges from 4.5 to 500 Nm and are also mounted radially on the axis.

Particularly stringent hygiene requirements apply in the food or pharmaceutical industries. KBK has developed spacer couplings in stainless steel design especially for this application. These couplings withstand even the aggressive cleaning agents commonly used in the industry and are designed in such a way that no germs can adhere to them.