Pioneers support pioneers

Pioneers support pioneers

Pioneers support pioneers

In the field of AGVs (automated guided vehicles), Kendrion has been able to gain experience in recent years and expand its market position as a brake specialist. Now the company's spring-applied brakes can also be found in driverless agricultural robots from the Danish manufacturer FarmDroid. Thanks to its encapsulated design, the INTORQ BFK470 is ideally suited to withstand the harsh environmental conditions in agriculture in terms of dust, moisture and heat. Kendrion is also the right partner for applications beyond the standard: customer and project-specific brakes are the company's strength.

The FarmDroid agricultural robot covers several megatrends at the same time: Industry 4.0, organic farming and renewable energies. The vehicle is completely self-sufficiently powered by a large solar panel and can basically operate 24/7. Satellite-controlled GPS and driverless operation change the working world for the farmer and he becomes a robot programmer: Each seed is placed on the field with centimeter precision and traceability - which means that the FarmDroid can subsequently also weed independently without damaging the plants in the process. This, in turn, not only saves labor, but also eliminates the need for weeders in the fields.

"We are certain that FarmDroid's approach will change agriculture in the long term," says Marco Vollrath, Sales Manager at Kendrion INTORQ in Aerzen. "In this case, we already had the right brake in our product portfolio and were able to offer the customer the perfect solution through minor adjustments. For special requirements of our customers, also for similar future-oriented projects, we are happy to work out individual solutions. Based on our extensive product platform, we guarantee short development times with regard to adaptation. The result: fast delivery of first prototype brakes and thus also short development times at the customer's site."

In the case of the FarmDroid FD20, the choice of brake had to take into account, above all, the changing climatic conditions and the high dust content in the fields. The encapsulated INTORQ BFK470 spring-applied brake can meet these requirements perfectly: In addition to its high IP66 protection rating, its paint-compatible design can also provide the best possible support for corrosion protection of the drive. The seven sizes can be freely combined in braking torques from 2 to 370 Nm and voltages from 20 to 290 volts in a finely graduated modular system; among other things, customers can choose between different braking torques, friction lining qualities as well as supply voltages and cable lengths per size. The brakes impress with their compact design, robustness against demanding conditions, and compliance with tight torque tolerances. The INTORQ BFK470 has proven its suitability for temperatures down to -40°C in the cold-climate version (CCV). All sizes are available for quick delivery in common standard voltages, even in small quantities.

"We are proud to be able to contribute to sustainable, resource-saving agriculture with our brake technology," says Marco Vollrath. "Particularly in emerging sectors such as AGVs, robotics and the agricultural industry, we can make full use of our application expertise." These industries require particularly robust and compact brakes that are individually adapted to the respective conditions and stop reliably throughout their entire service life. Thanks to agile processes, Kendrion can act quickly and flexibly - this is also helped by the proven modular system with which brakes can be put together to suit specific applications - worldwide.