Portfolio now complete

Portfolio now complete

The expansion of Yaskawa's iCube Control automation platform is progressing: one year after the launch of the new platform, the complete control portfolio is now available with the iC922x series.

The iCube Control automation platform from Yaskawa forms a technically coordinated overall solution for industry-specific control systems - from the engineering software and controller hardware to the integrated chip technology. And with a view to the future, iCube Control is designed as a modern motion concept and is gradually being expanded into a comprehensive system for motion control and automation.

The aim is to create an integrated platform that allows machine builders to access all functions - from frequency inverter control, motion control and safety to robot programming and control - in the same environment. The iCube Engineer software opens up the entire ecosystem, which is characterized by openness, flexibility and scalability based on a Linux-based operating system.

Control portfolio of the iC922x series

In 2022, Yaskawa officially launched the first iCube Control products, including the iC9212M-FSoE controller with an integrated dual processor safety CPU for synchronous control of up to 16 servo axes. With the iC922x series, the controller portfolio is now complete: Like the iC9212M-FSoE, the new iC922xM-EC controller type is Linux-based and can also be programmed using the i³ Engineer software tool.

What is new is that EtherCAT can no longer only be used to control servo drives and frequency inverters, but also delta and Scara robots as well as customer-specific kinematics and other third-party devices. Thanks to its modular structure, the iC922xM-EC can be designed to be application-optimized and correspondingly efficient.

A wide range of programming languages is available for convenient implementation of the controller. This includes not only the international standards in accordance with IEC 61131, but also languages such as C#, C++, Python or Mathlab Simulink. The new controllers use the modules of the proven SLIO system as an I/O platform. For this purpose, various peripheral devices are integrated into the iC922xM-EC via corresponding templates and function blocks, such as the 80 different SLIO I/O modules and the HMIs from the Yaskawa portfolio.

Processor profichip Triton

The heart of the series is the profichip Triton from Yaskawa. The processor, which has been specially optimized for industrial applications, is ideal for fast processing of demanding motion sequences.

The processor combines its powerful multi-core processor via a DDR4 RAM interface with industrial Gigabit and real-time Ethernet communication and a fast, reliable backplane bus system based on PCIexpress or SliceBus. It thus offers a future-proof, flexibly scalable and synchronizable solution for tailor-made systems with low total cost of ownership and low energy consumption.