Door drives

Powerful drive for lift doors

Powerful drive for lift doors

Today's lift technology has to meet ever higher demands in terms of performance, speed and energy efficiency, but also comfort and safety. Gefran specialises in drive solutions for the lift sector, among other things. The latest product available on the market is the KFM LD for lift doors in a power range of 180 W - consisting of an asynchronous motor, frequency converter, mains filter and encoder. If required, it is available including gearbox and belt pulley.

"The focus of this drive is on particularly robust and heavy doors," explains Giuseppe Savoca, Sales Manager at SIEI Areg GmbH, a Gefran subsidiary based in Pleidelsheim. "It is suitable for driving passenger or goods lift doors with a door mass of up to 400 kg, including storey doors. Among other things, we have already equipped noble special lift doors made of glass or granite with the KFM LD."

In the lift sector, the trend has shifted from low-cost, small DC motors to higher quality through more powerful and durable drives. The KFM LD offers all lift door functions according to EN 81-20, including, for example, the independent opening of the doors if another person wants to enter the lift car during closing and comes into contact with the door. The drive also enables automatic commissioning of the door and offers a teach-in function for learning the direction of movement, dimensions, mass and friction forces. It has an integrated CAN interface that can be adapted to the customer's communication interface on request. The 1-phase power supply is 230 VAC +/- 10 percent or 50 - 60 Hz.

Compact and convenient

Thanks to Gefran technology, the lift doors do not require any limit switches or other encoders to detect the position of the door. Safety edges, photocells and light curtains can directly stop the movement of the KFM LD via the digital inputs. In addition, the drive units offer a very compact structure and are particularly quick and easy to install or configure. User-friendly PC software is included. "All in all, with our new products we offer our customers particularly convenient solutions for the lift sector," Savoca concludes. "We have the right drive for all moving parts. Lift builders benefit from our decades of experience, our extensive know-how and from our specialisation in this field."

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