Protect machines and products

Protect machines and products

Enemac ECH safety clutches reliably minimize costly repairs and machine downtimes thanks to sophisticated torque limitation (overload protection).

In the event of a fault, the drive train is mechanically interrupted within a very short time and destructive mass forces and torque peaks are safely switched off. Backlash-free, precise torque transmission, continuously adjustable disengagement torques and automatic re-engagement are characteristic of ENEMAC safety clutches. Their possible uses extend across the entire mechanical and plant engineering sector, both for direct and indirect drives.

The short safety clutch type ECH for indirect drives (motor and output element are not on a common axis) is equipped with an integrated chain wheel. This makes it as narrow as a slip clutch, but offers the advantages of a ball detent clutch with its high repeatability and precisely adjustable release torque.

In the event of an overload, the clutch disengages within seconds and stops the transmission of torque. When the engine starts slowly, the clutch automatically engages again after one revolution.

The clutch is available in 11 sizes for release torques between 2 and 900 Nm; The sprocket size can be determined by the customer. The ECH type is preferably used in general mechanical engineering, wherever chain drives are used as drive elements.