Test benches

Quality-tested rolling bearing technology

Quality-tested rolling bearing technology

In its in-house testing facilities, Hecht Kugellager checks the manufacturing quality of rolling bearings and carries out comparative and load tests.

The rolling bearings of Hecht's own brands HKC and HKW, which are manufactured exclusively in audited and DIN ISO 16949-certified plants, undergo extensive quality controls in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015. Test samples of each batch are tested for material quality, hardness levels, tolerances, dimensional accuracy, lubrication and noise behavior.

In addition, the company also carries out integral and structure-borne noise tests on its test rigs in accordance with FAG specifications. In structure-borne noise testing, the test specimen is acoustically measured on both sides at 1,800 rpm for three seconds each. Increased sound emissions can be evaluated by means of frequency analysis in order to detect abnormalities and defects such as poorly honed raceways, waviness or recurring shock pulses.

On behalf of customers, Hecht also undertakes comparative tests to determine cost-optimized alternatives with the same quality and performance characteristics for a desired bearing type. In this process, suitable bearings from the product range are subjected to the same load cases as dimensionally identical comparison samples from other established brands. In this way, customers can be offered solutions that meet the desired quality requirements at more economical conditions than the reference product.

For service life testing, Hecht works with a renowned, certified partner. In this test process, the test specimen is subjected to a continuous load converted to the actual operating time and then completely disassembled in order to examine all components for wear. In the case of extreme loads or for bearings that must exhibit an exceptionally long service life, hardness tests under maximum load conditions are also arranged.