Magnetising systems

Rotary magnetizing systems with DIN SPEC 91411-compliant programming

The programming of ITK's rotary magnetizers for writing magnetic scales is based on the new DIN SPEC 91411 – for more productivity in the manufacturing of measurement scales.

Attention to all, for whom magnetic measurement scales are a topic! Some time ago, the new DIN SPEC 91411 was introduced for magnetic scales in construction drawings. This will create uniformity in the generation of engineering drawings. Many users are familiar with the problem: when it comes to measurement scales, there has been no uniform terminology up to now. Everybody described magnetic dimensional entities in technical drawings differently. In the absence of uniform terminology or common drawing rules – neither for mechanical nor for magnetic parameters – misunderstandings or even errors in design drawings were commonplace. This mainly affected manufacturers of magnets, measuring scales and sensors as well as machine and equipment manufacturers.

As a manufacturer of magnetizing equipment, ITK has actively participated in the design of the new DIN SPEC 91411 for the characterization of magnetic scales. ITK has now also applied the new standard to the magnetizing systems belonging to the "Pole Positioner" family. It serves as a basis for programming ITK's RMP circular magnetizers. The software of the RMP magnetizers is very user-friendly and offers an appropriate mode for setting up and working with the equipment. This allows fast programming and configuration of new scales in a wide range of pole patterns and pole tracks. Magnetic encoder systems for precision applications depend heavily on the quality of the measuring standards (pole rings or linear scales), since they play a major role in determining the achievable precision. If the measuring standards are magnetized on machines that take the guidelines of the new DIN SPEC 91411 into account during operation, manufacturers of sensors and encoders benefit from increased productivity when generating the measuring standards.

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