Linear axis

Safe, reliable and powerful

Safe, reliable and powerful

With the Plus system, Rollon provides an ideal solution for hygiene-sensitive applications in the food and beverage industry. The linear axes of the ELM series in particular offer maximum protection in demanding environments while at the same time being highly dynamic and requiring little maintenance. This means they optimally meet the industry's high requirements for productivity, safety and reliability.

The ELM series from the Rollon Plus system is a completely closed linear axes with a toothed belt drive. They have a self-supporting structure with a robust profile made of extruded, anodized aluminum and an integrated recirculating ball guide with a high load capacity. A polyurethane cover belt protects the belt drive and linear guide system from dust, dirt, foreign bodies, liquids and other contaminants. The optional pressurization system further reduces contaminant ingress. Contamination of linear technology and product is thus avoided. This ensures a high level of efficiency, safety and hygiene.

High corrosion resistance

The specially protected ELM linear axes guarantee high productivity in all phases of food and beverage production: from product handling to end-of-line applications such as product tracking, palletizing and packaging. They enable high rigidity and load capacity and achieve maximum speeds of up to 4 m/s and accelerations of up to 50 m/s2. Thanks to self-lubrication, maintenance requirements are minimal. Special lubrication containers ensure continuous lubrication of the ball raceways for up to 5,000 km. The ELM series is available in four sizes – 50, 65, 80 and 110 mm – and can be individually adapted to customer-specific requirements. For applications with particularly harsh environments and/or frequent washing, a corrosion-resistant version with stainless steel components, a special deposit-free surface treatment and FDA-compliant lubricants is available.

Hygienic linear axes for heavy loads and vertical movements

In the other two series of the Plus system - ROBOT and SC - the recirculating ball guides are attached to the outside of the aluminum profile, but thanks to stainless steel versions and including food-safe lubricants with FDA approval, they still ensure an appropriate level of hygiene and cleanliness. The ball-guided ROBOT series with two parallel guides is particularly suitable for heavy loads. The SC series was specifically developed for vertical movements.

An ideal choice for the food and beverage industry

High load capacity, excellent dynamics, low-maintenance operation, long service life, hygienic design: The linear axes of the Rollon Plus system combine high performance with optimal protection against contamination and good cleanability, making them the first choice for all linear technology applications in the food and beverage industry .