Stainless steel as standard

Stainless steel as standard

Stainless steel as standard

ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH is expanding its Magnum series and presenting a special design feature: The company from Langenfeld in the Rhineland is now offering self-adjusting industrial shock absorbers with M64 thread and a stroke of 150 mm as standard in a stainless steel version, the main components of which are completely developed and manufactured in Germany.

Thus, ACE succeeds in bringing the industrial shock absorber Made in Germany, designed in the characteristic pot shape and turned from the solid, to the market in this large format also in stainless steel. As the market and innovation leader in industrial damping technology, ACE thus rounds off the series of medium-size industrial shock absorbers, which is regarded by design engineers as the gold standard, where it is technically most demanding - at the top end of the range.

The design challenge was also achieved by developing and using special tooling to refine the long cylindrical body, which does not require seals at the bottom end thanks to the pot shape. Due to the complexity involved in the production of hydraulic machine elements, many well-known market players manufacture their damper series with a maximum stroke of up to 50 mm in these thread sizes with a stainless steel body.

The availability of the Magnum series in stainless steel in XL format up to 150 mm stroke, which is now available, expands the possibilities of design engineers in several respects: The combination of a larger housing with the latest sealing technology, hardened guide bearing and integrated fixed stop significantly increases the damping performance and service life of these self-adjusting dampers. With energy absorptions of up to 5,650 Nm and an effective mass range of up to 63,700 kg, users now have even more leeway with regard to damper size and utilization of machine performance.

The stainless steel variants significantly expand the range of applications. They withstand environmental influences and salt water better than conventional designs. They also meet the strict hygiene guidelines in the medical technology and food industries. And the stainless steel design also makes the new product ideal for applications where appearance is important. Matching to this, the new Magnum with 150 mm stroke, as usual with ACE, are also available with a variety of accessories, which are also made of stainless steel.