Metal bellows couplings

Suitable for blind assembly

Suitable for blind assembly

Modern designs are becoming more complex, at the same time they have to be designed even more space-saving. This often results in blind mounting of the drive elements. To assist the designer in its concept and the assemblyman in its work Enemac from Germany added the metal bellows type EWM to the program.

The EWM consists of two parts, the longer side is made of an aluminum hub that is connected to stainless steel bellows, at the free end of the bellows is a centering collar with tapered groove indicated; the shorter side comprises the second aluminum hub and a conical lug. This collar guarantees accurate alignment of the two hub halves.

Blind installation is very time consuming and therefore cost-intensive, with the type EWM up to 80 % of installation time can be economized, in case of a serial application, the assembly can be even further simplified by using a fitted ring.

The coupling can be plugged before the installation of the engine on the engine, later simply it gets "moved together". Also in case the hub and the keyway are not immediately consolidated, the hub will not be deformed but the bellows (elastic) will be pressed around several mm. When service is required, the coupling can be simply extracted.

Type EWM is available in 9 different sizes ranging from 10 Nm to 600 Nm, it provides an axial offset compensation between 0.5 and 0.8 mm, and a lateral offset compensation between 0.15 mm and 0.20 mm. The pluggable metal bellows coupling can be used in a temperature range between 233 K and 473 K.