Electric motors

The best of old and new

The best of old and new

The BG 75 brushless motor from Dunkermotoren, a brand of Ametek, is a true all-rounder and is valued by manufacturers from a wide range of market segments.

This new dMove version combines the tried and true together with new innovations. The overall length, for example, has not changed compared to its BG 75 SI, CI, PI and MI predecessor, and the hybrid connectors recognizable from the high-end dPro version are now also offered in this dMove variety. Commissioning and configuration are carried out in the familiar Drive Assistant 5 environment, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Dunkermotoren website.

The BG 75 dMove impresses with new features and particularly extensive functionalities in the areas of positioning, current, and speed control. It is easily controlled via CANopen or alternatively via configurable inputs and outputs in stand-alone operation. New standards are also set regarding performance. With a rated power of 480 W, the BG 75 dMove achieves a nominal speed of 3,190 rpm and a rated torque of 1.44 Nm. Peak values reach a multiple of the nominal values, making the motor a real powerhouse for a wide range of applications in all markets - from intralogistics to mechanical engineering and agricultural technology.

As a cost-effective alternative to the dPro, the BG 75 dMove can be combined with gearboxes, brakes, and encoders in Dunkermotoren's modular system to meet any individual requirement for a robust, intelligent, and durable drive solution.