Rack and pinion gears

The definition of precision

The definition of precision

The new lifgo hp rack and pinion gear unit from Leantechnik offers users maximum precision. Since the drive and guide are combined in a single component, the gearboxes have high rigidity and thus enable highly accurate strokes of any length. This expands the design possibilities enormously.

Until now, the stroke length has been a limiting factor in the design of machine tools. The reason: With long strokes, the vibrations of the installed components become increasingly greater, so that the accuracy of the traverse movements decreases. To compensate for these undesirable effects, the stiffness of the axes must be increased by enlarging their diameter - at the expense of dynamics.

With the lifgo hp from Leantechnik, these problems are a thing of the past: The lifgo hp ensures high stiffness of the axis even with long stroke lengths without sacrificing dynamics. But the lifgo hp gear units have even more advantages: For example, their rack is equipped with helical teeth. As a result, the rack moves particularly quietly and the gear unit achieves an extremely high positioning accuracy of up to 2 µm. The continuously adjustable tooth backlash increases precision even further.

Depending on the size, lifgo hp rack-and-pinion gear units offer lifting forces of between 1,800 N and 22,600 N and achieve a lifting speed of up to 3 m/s. Even in the largest version, lifgo hp 5.4, the gear units have dimensions of just 180 x 156 x 160 mm, making them very compact.

In machine tools, the new lifgo hp therefore not only enables high-precision strokes of any length: By using two versions of the rack-and-pinion gear unit, the number of machine axes in machining centers can also be reduced from four to two. With the lifgo hp, manufacturers therefore save valuable installation space while maintaining the same function. The high-precision rack and pinion gear units are not only suitable for machine tool manufacturing - they are the ideal component for all applications in which long stroke and traverse movements have to be executed with high precision.