Assistance systems

The first step to a Smart Factory

The first step to a Smart Factory

The Setago app, the smart assistance system from Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG, digitizes, networks and organizes all process flows in the company. In this way, the intuitive software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool increases the production efficiency of companies and optimizes their knowledge and quality management.

Whether 30 employees or 500, whether service providers, trade or manufacturing - with the cloud-based Setago app, companies of all sizes and industries can digitize all processes in no time at all. The SaaS tool can be used not only to record, document and manage processes in the company without paper. The app can also be used to retrieve or share secure know-how at any time. It ensures the traceability of goods and allows the implementation of a quality management system. At the same time, creating assembly instructions or work instructions is child's play.

For illustration purposes, the instructions can be supplemented with photos via a QR code upload. "Anyone who can operate a smartphone is able to use or program the Setago app. This means that new employees are productive almost immediately," explains Gennaro Frontino, Marketing Manager at Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG.

In addition, the digital assistance system enables production to be networked with cobots, autonomous driverless transport systems, product-specific LEAN workstations with digital worker guidance, and higher-level software and controls of all kinds. Setago thus lays the foundation for affordable smart factory solutions that are quickly implemented, bring real benefits to users and pay for themselves within a short time.

The right solution for every company size

Even the free version of the app offers 5 GB of free storage and gives two users the ability to create and manage work instructions, assign users and roles, and upload videos and images. With the app's starter, team and company packages, which offer correspondingly expanded user licenses, storage capacities and a greater number of shareable documents as well as functionalities, Phoenix Mecano offers a suitable solution for every company to optimize their production processes and increase their productivity.