The optimum design for every application

The optimum design for every application

Deep groove ball bearings are particularly versatile and are among the most frequently used rolling bearings. Findling Wälzlager offers the right deep groove ball bearing for both standard applications and extreme operating conditions, such as temperatures from -70 °C to +1,000 °C.

Deep groove ball bearings are robust, easy to maintain and are among the all-rounders among rolling bearings. In addition to the wide range of proven deep groove ball bearings for standard applications, the rolling bearing specialist Findling offers the ABEG extreme series for harsh environmental conditions.

Deep groove ball bearings for extreme temperatures

The demands placed on rolling bearings at very high or low temperatures are unique and require not only special rolling bearing materials, but also carefully developed seals and lubricants. For the Xtemp series range, materials made of high-quality rolling bearing steel, ceramic or PEEK have been specifically combined with selected sealing materials or cover materials and lubrication variants. As a result, deep groove ball bearings are available for temperatures from -70 °C to 1000 °C with low maintenance requirements and a long service life.

Deep groove ball bearings for high speeds

Deep groove ball bearings from the Xspeed series are specially designed for high speeds. They combine a long service life, high speeds, guaranteed safety and reliable sealing technology in one rolling bearing. Proven bearing technology has been combined with seals for applications in the high speed range and special greases to reduce friction.

Deep groove ball bearings for heavy loads

If a long service life and reliable sealing technology are required despite high loads, Xforce deep groove ball bearings are used. These special ball bearings guarantee minimal wear and excellent corrosion protection in the heavy load range thanks to special seals and an improved lubricant.

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