Electric drives

Tiny but powerful

Tiny but powerful

Performance Motion Devices, Inc. (PMD), a global provider of motion control technology, has launched a groundbreaking product on the European market and recently presented it at Embedded World in Nuremberg: the new ION/CME N-Series digital drive. This innovative motion control module offers the highest performance in a patented, extremely compact size and helps to bring products to market faster.

The ION/CME N-Series digital drives are single-axis motion controllers with integrated power electronics and network communication. They offer optimal motion control, network connectivity (Ethernet, CAN, RS232, RS485 and SPI) and power amplification for brushless DC, brushed DC and stepper motors. Due to their compactness, the different power levels - 75, 350 and 1,000 watts - and the high connectivity, they are ideal for applications in medical technology, laboratory automation, semiconductor equipment, mobile robotics and industrial automation.

Small, powerful, innovative

The miniature drives are board-mountable and can be installed in the smallest of spaces. They feature an advanced motion controller IC, a driver circuit and a microprocessor to run application programs. The N-Series sets a new standard: Instead of designing boards from scratch with dozens or hundreds of IC components, plug-and-play N-Series ION modules enable the development and production of fully functional custom boards in weeks instead of months or even years. The device has a single voltage input and is fully user-programmable. At the heart of this - as with every PMD product - is an advanced motion control IC that masters C-Motion, a powerful and user-friendly programming language.

The N-Series ION drive can be used in almost all automation applications and can also be customized to individual requirements. It is easy to install and only requires an easy-to-design interconnect board. Reference circuit diagrams for interconnect boards are available from PMD.

Developer Kits Available

The N-Series IONs are available in a developer kit configuration where the specified module is soldered to an interconnect board and mounted on a baseplate or heatsink. The DK interconnect boards are compact enough to also be suitable for direct mounting on the actual machine hardware during prototyping or even for production application.

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