With system intelligence for maximum resource efficiency

With system intelligence for maximum resource efficiency

For 160 years, Aerzen has been supporting operators of sewage treatment plants and industrial partners with innovative solutions and supporting questions about increasing efficiency, process reliability, digitalization, conserving resources and increasing capacity. The system intelligence approach is unique. Through a holistic approach in combination with trend-setting state-of-the-art concepts, capacity increases in the smallest of spaces as well as maximum energy savings and cost reductions can be achieved.

As a world-leading supplier of blowers and compressors and an experienced partner for oxygen supply in aeration tanks, Aerzen knows exactly the different application and process-specific requirements of sewage treatment plants and implements efficient aeration concepts with the highest level of reliability and cost-effectiveness - in every region and for all requirements. The family company follows a holistic approach to system intelligence. In concrete terms, this means: the sewage treatment plant is illuminated in its entirety, and all individual framework conditions are taken into account - from the installation space to the wastewater technology and software systems to the performance of the power grid. This means energy savings of up to 55% and a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 65% can be achieved.
International provider for aeration of aeration tanks

Whether demand measurement and recording, tailor-made machine and technology design, smart control and regulation technology, individual ROI calculations, flexible rental solutions (Aerzen Rental), customer-specific container solutions, heat recovery, machine room ventilation, digital services or support in the area of funding: Aerzen serves all areas of activity. The individual building blocks fit together seamlessly and are interlinked as required. Aerzen know-how can be found in more than 100,000 sewage treatment plants worldwide and helps purify the water of over 2.5 billion people - that's around a third of the world's population.

The perfect interaction between blower technology and ventilation process

The pivotal point is biological cleaning. It is the heart of every sewage treatment plant, but also the largest energy consumer: 60 to 80% of the total energy requirement goes to the sewage treatment tank aeration. The savings potential is correspondingly large. System intelligence is an important success factor because the individual components – blowers and compressors, ventilation elements, machine room, pipes and valves, oxygen monitoring system, etc. – strongly interact with one another. If they are viewed holistically and their mutual influence is taken into account, there are many advantages. The perfect integration of the blower technology into the ventilation process not only enables maximum cost-effectiveness, but also absolutely sustainable operation with minimal CO2 emissions.
Holistic technologies, solutions and service concepts

System intelligence is the key to maximum resource efficiency - and forms the basis for future-proof solutions, especially in today's digital age, because digital transformation also leads to closer integration of the individual components, machines and processes. There is no question: the wastewater treatment plant of the future is digital and energy self-sufficient. Aerzen has the necessary expertise, technologies and experience and supports water and wastewater treatment with holistic, sustainable and cost-efficient solutions. The dense sales and service network with 52 subsidiaries in 104 countries guarantees fast service and competent advice on site.