Electric motors

World's leading two-pole electric motor

World's leading two-pole electric motor

Siemens LDA has received an order from a Chinese customer to supply a special motor with two shaft ends. In motor mode it delivers up to 105 MW and as a generator it can produce 129 MVA of electrical energy. It has an efficiency of over 98 per cent and will be one of the world's leading electric motors.

The order also includes the delivery of a Sinamics GL150 frequency converter with 40 MW for starting the motor. This LCI (load-controlled inverter) is designed for single-drive applications with variable or constant counter-torque characteristics. Thanks to the low switching and conduction losses of their power semiconductors (thyristors), these LCI converters achieve an efficiency of over 99 percent.
efficiency of over 99 percent.

The drive system is part of an energy storage project. In China, energy storage is seen as a key accompanying technology for the energy transition and as a national, strategic technology of the future. This technology offers decisive advantages such as high performance, low costs, high efficiency and environmental friendliness.

In the plants, the motors drive compressors whose energy is stored in suitable storage tanks. This stored energy is delivered to an expander, which in turn drives a generator to produce electricity.

Compared to other energy storage technologies, these systems can be designed with very high power and storage capacity, low self-discharge and long life. These features make them fundamentally the most promising and cost-effective method for storing large amounts of energy. The engine will be manufactured at the Siemens dynamo plant in Berlin, which is Siemens' oldest plant and has been in operation for 115 years.

"When completed, this project will be the world's largest and most efficient energy storage system of its kind. We are pleased to support our customer in the energy transition and this project with a drive system that sets standards - the world's leading two-pole electric motor with an efficiency of over 98 per cent," says Hermann Kleinod, CEO of Siemens Large Drives Applications (LDA).